• Baba Yaga's Hut

    Baba Yaga's Hut

    I made this house, based on Russian folklore, for the "Art of the Artists: Original Works by LAIKA Employees" show at the Walters Cultural Arts Center in Hillsboro, OR.

  • The house is made primarily of lightweight basswood but also includes a variety of other materials such as natural grass, hemp cord, resin, and bronze sheet metal.

  • For the chimney and fireplace, I 'frost' a base with wood putty, the same way as you would apply frosting to a cake, in order to get a stone-like texture.

  • The legs on this piece were sculpted in two parts and cast in resin. They are hollow, bead-like pieces that slide over the heavy wire armature that was needed to hold the weight of the house.

  • When painting a piece that is meant to look aged and weathered, I tend to layer several opaque and transparent painting techniques.

  • If you peer in through the front door or a window, you'll see I've furnished the interior as well.

  • My favorite part of the interior is the mantel, covered in candle wax. I sculpted the candles themselves in polymer clay and then layered on many coats of transparent acrylic paint in order to get a waxy appearance.

"Baba Yaga's Hut"